• Klizav kolovoz

    Klizav kolovoz

    Šifra: I - 15

    Nailazak na klizav kolovoz.

  • Kružni tok

    Kružni tok

    Šifra: II - 64

    Nailazak na kružni tok saobraćaja.

  • Opasnost na putu

    Opasnost na putu

    Šifra: I - 15

    Nailazak na opasnost na putu.

  • Zabranjeno preticanje

    Zabranjeno preticanje

    Šifra: I - 15

    Zabranjeno preticanje svih motornih vozila osim motocikla bez prikolice i bicikla sa motorom.



In accordance with the development policy of our staff and also with many years of experience in this area, we offer to our clients a service of creation and execution of projects of all types of signalization. So far, in our production we have implemented numerous projects independently as well as in cooperation with institutions and our business partners.

Our services also include:

  • Counseling in the process of preparation and realization of the project;
  • Technical supervision during the execution of all projects;


Montage of all types of signalization is also another item in the assortment of our services that we can offer. This service provides a fully trained personnel using the modern equipment in accordance with the advanced standards and the demands of modern markets in this area.

We recommend that while cooperating with us you should use our signalization transport service to your destination according to the needs of your business. Vehicles of the newest generation are allowing us to perform this service quickly, to the mutual satisfaction of us and our business partners.