• Klizav kolovoz

    Klizav kolovoz

    Šifra: I - 15

    Nailazak na klizav kolovoz.

  • Kružni tok

    Kružni tok

    Šifra: II - 64

    Nailazak na kružni tok saobraćaja.

  • Opasnost na putu

    Opasnost na putu

    Šifra: I - 15

    Nailazak na opasnost na putu.

  • Zabranjeno preticanje

    Zabranjeno preticanje

    Šifra: I - 15

    Zabranjeno preticanje svih motornih vozila osim motocikla bez prikolice i bicikla sa motorom.

About us

O nama
We are trading since 1980 as a company for production of vertical traffic signalization. Team of the people with special qualities and skills, spacious and functional halls, and modern equipment are allowing us to offer you a high quality, optimal terms and acceptable prices. We are sure that with our knowledge and equipage, we can respond on every task!

Quality politics

We,the employees of the company “Euroznak”, Čelinac, are giving obligations to each other, our customers, suppliers and our community, that we will successfully operate and be competitive in all selected markets, applying the principles of continuous quality improvement, and in this way we will ensure security for all us. For us, this means the the highest quality production of our products, but also includes the following:

  • The obligation of identification and taking care of current and future needs of our customers,
  • The obligation of fulfilling customer’s requirements and implementation of continuous activities to increase their satisfaction,
  • The obligation of applying the legal and internal demands,
  • Obligation to change the organization and method of work to create conditions for efficient provision of services,
  • The obligation to establish mutual trust, understanding and positive communication between the employees,
  • The obligation of making team atmosphere and team work through a process approach,
  • The obligation to establish clear and precise definition of responsibilities and authority,
  • The obligation of providing clean and safe work environment for employees and the community.