• Klizav kolovoz

    Klizav kolovoz

    Šifra: I - 15

    Nailazak na klizav kolovoz.

  • Kružni tok

    Kružni tok

    Šifra: II - 64

    Nailazak na kružni tok saobraćaja.

  • Opasnost na putu

    Opasnost na putu

    Šifra: I - 15

    Nailazak na opasnost na putu.

  • Zabranjeno preticanje

    Zabranjeno preticanje

    Šifra: I - 15

    Zabranjeno preticanje svih motornih vozila osim motocikla bez prikolice i bicikla sa motorom.


We hope that you will find all necessary information concerning the activities that we do which will ease the path to your business objectives. We are sure that with the knowledge and capabilities we have, we can respond to each task.

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Our mission is to provide a complete service infrastructure sectors based on the principles of business excellence and superior quality. It consists of people with special knowledge and skills. We are based on the principles of organization that teaches skills and rapid adaptation to the influence the environment.

We will always behave as a responsible member of society, taking into account that our sustainable development is in conformity with the interests of the wider community and the protection of human environment.